Skating fun

This project was amazing, the features that made us think, the size of the project and the different applications.

The fruit bowl (Green feature) is more or less free standing, form work had to be worked through so as to be stripped, steel 2 layers had to go in so the weight and the consistent movement and jumping would be able to be sustained.

There are many free hand features where Angus has poured a pile of concrete then free hand formed the shapes and finished - a skill that takes a good eye for detail.

Stenciled concrete is when we pour the concrete, place a cupboard stencil into the wet concrete, trowel in then add colour hardener, when it is almost dry we pull the cupboard out which leaves in indents, it is sealed.


  • Client:Hastings District Council
  • Start Date:2013-06-01
  • Completion Date:2013-09-30
  • Location:Hastings
  • Capabilities:Box, prep, place and finish concrete features and slab to a high standard

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