Whether you are landscaping a new site or replacing existing pavement/surfaces, site preparation is a critical element. Getting the base right will ensure a consistent finish and help to minimise cracking.


In most cases, some excavation work will be required. Angus McMillan Concrete has a range of equipment suited for both small and large sites, as well as professional operators who will get the job done.
We can also demolish existing driveways and paths, and arrange for the removal of old concrete.


Our boxing crew will then move in to prepare for the new concrete. The area is boxed to the design specifications agreed with the client. Allowance for drainage and water run off is also carefully considered at this stage.
The base is then prepared to suit the falls, any soft material is removed and replaced, and then a blinding layer of crusher dust is compacted to insure consistency in your slab. Domestic driveways and paths are prepared at 100mm thick with ±5% variation (Alternate options can be discussed.)

Options to be considered: Mesh reinforcing, fibre reinforcing or extra thickness of concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have all the equipment required to prepare your site and remove excess materials digger, bobcat and dump truck. Even if your site seems quite flat there is usually some excavation involved in preparing the site area for concrete. We will discuss this in full when we have had a chance to assess the site.

Yes, we can uplift and remove old concrete, asphalt or pavers and dump them for you. A new driveway can be done in plain, coloured, stamped or exposed concrete. All heights, falls and regulations will be considered upon replacement.

Yes, our excavation team are available for other work not directly associated with concrete placement.

There is not always an advantage to this as the person excavating may not take any heights or fall into account and we may have to excavate anyway.